About us

We are a family of four. Sarah, Andy, Finn & Isla and we are on the emigration path to Sydney, Australia from Somerset, England. We arrived on Tuesday 24th August 2010 and this is our story.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

She's a pre-schooler now!

The day arrived with much trepidation from the grown-ups and littlest member of our family but it's like Isla steeled herself in preparation and then she was off!  We have found a lovely little pre-school and off she went with no tears just much excitement about painting, drawing, sticking and playing.  Finn and I went off for a swim and then lunch with a friend who's littlest was also off at pre-school, our usual collection of 5 was just 3 today but progress has been made.  At collection she was engrossed and needed encouragement to leave but hers were tired little eyes.... You can't ask for much more for a 1st day and it's such a relief that she had such a good time.  I did miss her terribly today though.....

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Smile. :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

A snorkeling and beach weekend

Manly - Shelly beach, a haven for fish and sea life in general.  This weekend we are hitting up the beaches and getting stuck into the marine life viewing!

We cut our teeth with the snorkels last weekend at long reef lagoon and we were ready for the sea!

 Daniel Craig - eat your heart out!
 BBQ'ing from the boot - we received lots of compliments about this one!
Finished off with a helicopter rescue - up close and personal!  All looked fine with the 'victim' thankfully and we got to see the rescue service doing what they do best!