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We are a family of four. Sarah, Andy, Finn & Isla and we are on the emigration path to Sydney, Australia from Somerset, England. We arrived on Tuesday 24th August 2010 and this is our story.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Wild Wild West

Pee-ow, pee-ow, pee-ow.......the 'out-laws' are here!  Andy's Mum & Dad are visiting from the UK.  They arrived 6 days after my Mum & Brian jetted back via LA, darling...

It was very hard saying goodbye at the airport and resurrected some of the old feelings from last August when we left the UK.  Tears and hugs were had and all too soon the 5 weeks were gone and they jetted out, with the promise of an impending return.  It really helps having the plans set for the next time we will see each other.

So we are now having some lovely family time and enjoyed the Easter show yesterday while the sun shone.  It was like a very large Bath & West show which is the one we frequented every year while living in Somerset.  It was very, very busy as expected and we managed to negotiate the throngs of people with a pushchair and 2 little people pretty well.  We had an amazing time in the animal barn where you could walk amongst the kids, lambs, chickens, etc petting and feeding them.  Isla was mesmerised and slightly infatuated with one little goat that she took a shine too.  She spent a good 1/2 an hour with this one, stroking and musing about how beautiful/soft/fluffy/lovely this goat was.  It almost convinced me to purchase a goat for her in the future.  Almost.

We spent the previous day in Darling Harbour at the Hoopla festival and exploring the Chinese Gardens and in between the rain showers we watched the Circus Acts and street performers.  All of this for free and put on for the people of Sydney.  Amazing really!  We watched an 11 piece band and dancing quartet called Miguel and Lady Torpedo who were amazing!  Lovely eats were had in the Asian food courts above Paddy's Market and then the weary people wound their way home....

 Hugs in the Chinese Gardens - I have a fantasy of visiting these gardens at a quiet time during the week and enjoying a serene pot of Jasmine tea while contemplating and gazing across the ponds...not achievable with a 2 & 3 old!

Easter show roller coaster ride
 Myself and Isla enjoying the horses

 Feeding the goats

 A little girl in love..  :)

 Finn loving the pet time

 Finn 'high fived' the Storm Trooper and made his Daddy very proud!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Visiting oldies...

We have done so many things in the last 2 weeks of which there are far too many to list.  Saturday just gone was a particularly good day when we saw The Gruffalo's child at The Seymour Centre, then went swimming at the Olympic pool, back to Darling Harbour for tea at Nick's......breath...there's more.....  We then walked around the wharf to have a look at a P&O cruise ship waiting to depart, watched it sail then walked back around the harbour for the fireworks!  Wow, so tiring but so good.  :)

School has now broken up for Easter so Finn is at home for the last week for our visitors who depart on Saturday - where have those 5 weeks gone?  I have no idea, but they have been good.

 My Mum & Step Dad at Nick's enjoying the seafood....and the wine..  A little rosy cheeked!

 We all visited my family up on the Central Coast on Sunday for a day of lovely food, great company and a splash in the pool.  Finn & Isla had a blast diving for toys and sliding in - as demonstrated by Isla above!

Today we have been to a new little beach I have found at Nielson Park, Vauclause.  Here I am with the old dragon....!  A nice, balmy, Autumn day.

 More swimming progress for Isla who has moved up into the new swimming class
 - after giving the instructor a slightly frosty reception she started to warm up!

 Independent girl.

 Most favourite activity in the World for Finn

 Shark Bay, Vauclause

 Scooter girl

 Happy, sunny, scooter, smiley days

 Autumn is here, the temperature has dropped to the mid 20's during the day and it is perfect to be on the sand.

My Mum making footprints in the sand.