About us

We are a family of four. Sarah, Andy, Finn & Isla and we are on the emigration path to Sydney, Australia from Somerset, England. We arrived on Tuesday 24th August 2010 and this is our story.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

We came. We saw. We camped.

We booked a spontaneous 2 nights at Jervis Bay National Park camping ground on the weekend just gone and dashed down after work and school on Friday for 2 nights unpowered getting back to nature.  It was all we had hoped for and more!

We approached the unpowered nature of our trip with a little trepidation as it is fair to say until now I have been a hair dryer and straighteners kind of girl!  I purchased a little portable hair dryer in the hope that I would find a plug but the GHD's stayed at home....

We drove down on the coast road out of Sydney and were afforded the most amazing views of the ocean and beaches on our left and the rainforest on our right.  We rocked up at the camp site and had about an hour and a 1/2 before it got dark so we were on a mission to get our tent up, beds in and up etc.....  Rather pleasingly we got it all done in an hour and then headed off for a walk around the site and down to the beach.  The sand at Jervis Bay is white and very fine which is lovely and as it turns out it reflects the moonlight very well so it stayed light enough to be there until gone 8.30.  Finn & Isla ran around and let off some steam and we unwound and relaxed in no time at all.

The site we stayed at, Green Patch, is right next to the beach, amongst the trees and the area is teaming with wildlife.  Frogs, lizards, kangaroos, wallabies, parrots, kookaburras to name a few.  We played on the beach all day Saturday, had a sausage sizzle and made our own take on S'mores.......yum.  Digestive biscuits, sandwiched with 2 chunks of Cadbury's warmed and toasted marshmallows.  Very good!

We slept so well on the 2nd night after a day of being outdoors and none of us woke before 8.20 the next day, which is a record for Finn & Isla!

On the Sunday we had an explore around the National Park and took a walk around a lighthouse on the ocean side of the park.  I am pretty sure I saw a whale, twice!  The weather became pretty muggy all of a sudden and a storm was in the air, we carried on anyway and checked out the Minnamurra Rainforest, 10 minutes into our walk we were caught by the storm in a spectacular fashion, torrential rain, thunder and lightening directly overhead and then hail!  We were drenched within 5 minutes and had to do the run of shame back to the visitor's centre!  Finn & Isla giggled the whole way back, and so did we, it was still 25 degrees so not cold at all.  

 Breakfast outside our tent after a good nights sleep!  I love that the pitch is so 'in' the bush.
 The victim and wound
 The perpetrator. Nasty Mr Leech and his anticoagulant properties....  Oh, and Andy's leg for scale....and more blood evidence.
 Wow.  Beautiful Jervis Bay.
 The lagoon section at Green Patch where we spent all of Saturday.  This is just a small section of it.  Love the trees here.
 Pretty tame kangaroo and a joey that really should move out!  She could still hop fast with this juvenile hitching a ride.
 Isla in the bottom bunk at around 8.30 in the morning - unheard of!
 View from the lighthouse.
 Minnamurra rainforest walk, just before it rained!
Had to pop this one in from yesterday.  This is Brightmore Reserve in Cremorne, it has a childrens bike route that looks like a mini road.  They loved it and we were the only ones there for the hour that we were there.

Jervis Bay was so lovely we have booked to head back in December for a weekend with my Mum & Stepdad, slightly cautious/reluctant campers that they are I am hoping that the beauty will make it all worth it....

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A birthday celebration

My littlest lovely turned 3!  Oh my.....  Batemans Bay to celebrate.

 Fitzroy falls pitstop for a refuel and stretch of the legs on the way to Bateman's.....which turned out to be a little further than I expected.  Honestly, a centimetre on the map looks like nothing right???
 Living the Aussie dream
 An over friendly parrot desensitised to humans by people giving him snacks.....it got very close!
 Jumping pillow - a great energy burner!

 Breakfast on the veranda.  I could totally get used to this!
 The birthday girl in question on her new bike which she now has mastered!
 The very pink cake as requested.  Isla was very happy with it (as was I!).
 4 layers of pinkness with lashings of jam and butter icing
 A morning view, lovely to see the sun coming up over the ocean.

 On the day of her birthday and morning on the water was in order on the Clyde River.
 The Clyde River, Batemans Bay
 The captain!
 It's hard work all this boating you know....
 Wollongong and then the Tasman sea
 :))))  The hubster. x
 Wombat crossing!
 Illawarra Fly treetop walk - oh hello vertigo.....

 Gulp - and I could not make my legs walk up here!  Already 80 feet above the ground at this point and I had the virtually overwhelming desire to lie down due to the drop!
 What a view.

After only 4 nights back in our own beds and the car is on the drive packed to the roof ready for a spontaneous camping trip this weekend.....phew, I need a holiday!  A beach stay of 2 nights and the weather looks amazing for it, 28-30 degrees both days and blue, blue skies.....

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Us, recently.

 Tumbalong Park - all new and very exciting
 Our old haunt - Taronga Zoo - being members has meant this is about visit number 12.  We pretty much find something new to see each time.
 My little girl just before she turned 3!
 Boating for the 1st time in Lane Cove National Park

Wild and free in Lane Cove NP
 Rower and 'chief helpers'!
 Isla as a festival goer!  Crave food festival.
 The amazing and beautiful Botanical Gardens, we spent the day, played, lazed, ate and drank a little....
 Oh...those eyes...
The sign says it all - Night Noodle Markets, the 2nd of two visits for us.  We all like the noodles!
 All of us.  Happy days....
 An early rise and breakfast at West Head lookout, great vantage point over the Northern beaches.
 Looking out over 'Summer Bay'.
 Our pet for the day, Larry, who had been absent mindedly sunbathing in the children's wheelbarrow.
 Quite a hot one, lunch outside, the first of many
 Longreef beach and my little sun worshippers...Love the lagoon here
 Dee Why for tea!
Rockpooling and exploring around the coves at Dee Why.

So life is getting back to normal after a busy time for us, now we are busy doing lovely things again!