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We are a family of four. Sarah, Andy, Finn & Isla and we are on the emigration path to Sydney, Australia from Somerset, England. We arrived on Tuesday 24th August 2010 and this is our story.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Life got a little bit too busy

September was the 1st month since I started this blog that I didn't blog.  The time just wasn't there as there was so much going on as at the beginning of the month we moved house.  There is nothing like the upheaval of moving all your stuff 15k's.  Or the expense come to that....

We decided that after our year in the Hills of Sydney we would like to be a bit more 'in it' and be closer to the train line for Andy to get in and out of work.  The commute on a motorbike although pretty quick for Sydney at 50 mins to an hour we concluded was in fact a little bit dangerous.  As always it wasn't Andy's riding that was the problem as he is super careful but everyone else.  A few close shaves were had and more road rage experienced than is desirable.  So we have moved over to the Upper North Shore.  The commute is fab as we are close to the train station and then it's 1/2 an hour in to the CBD.  We felt the benefits straight away and we are closer to the beach which I love.  We can just go for a walk now rather than having to make a day of it.

So, much time has been spent packing, unpacking organising and exploring our new area.  Shortly after that 'Operation Camping' came into play and we spent a fair bit of time procuring and testing our new camping gear ready for a trip to Dubbo over the Labour Day long weekend.

We drove out to Dubbo and over the 5 hours we saw an awful lot of rain.  We were worrying about getting the tent up but as luck would have it the rain stopped as we arrived...phew!  We set up camp at our site and it was like a little home away from home, Finn & Isla had bunk beds - too cute!  The nights were forecast to be quite cold so we had a fan heater kicking out the heat.  It made for a very pleasant camping experience!  We are now planning the next one.....

We are just coming to the end of the school holidays and so Finn hasn't been at pre school which has meant we have been able to catch up with things.  They both did an intensive swim week which means going in for a 1/2 hour lesson every day which really brings them on.  They are both now swimming away from the platform with no floatation aids, popping up to take a breath and then swimming on.  They can do this for about 5 meters each which is pretty awesome.  They are learning body shape, streamlining, breathing, and floating.  It won't be long before Finn moves up to the next class and they start to teach for different swimming strokes.  I hope they continue to love it and get better and better as there are lots of opportunities to join swim squads which would be so good for them.

Anyway, enough waffle and now for some pictures from the last 6 weeks.

Finn, Isla & Billy beach bound...
 ...and sleeping all the way home!
 At our new local beach enjoying the locality.
 It warmed up enough to get the paddling pool out
 On our adventures to the Australian Museum to see the dinosaurs after a ride on the train.
 ...and a splash in the fountain in Hyde Park after seeing the dinosaurs
At swimming lessons, perfecting rockets!
 Western plains zoo - Dubbo camping trip
 Checking out the animals

 Awesome golf buggy to zip around the zoo in

 Caught picking camellias on the veranda!
 Hmmmmm...they smell good....
Nothing melts the heart like sibling love....

P.S.  They do a fair amount of arguing too!