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We are a family of four. Sarah, Andy, Finn & Isla and we are on the emigration path to Sydney, Australia from Somerset, England. We arrived on Tuesday 24th August 2010 and this is our story.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bra boys

Following from my blog yesterday I read some more about the Bra Boys who are a surf gang based in Maroubra.  They are the guys who surf the big waves off of Cape Solander which we visited on Monday.  This massive waves don't break somewhere safe like onto the beach but in fact onto the rocks.  Anyway, I did some reading about them and found a documentary film that they did back in 2007 called Bra Boys - Blood is thicker than water.

It really is very interesting and I learnt so much about the Abberton brothers, surf culture, surf history, poverty & a different way of life really.  I have been thinking about them and their story all day actually.

Here is the link to part 1, it comes in 6, 15 minutes sections and although a little shocking in parts truly amazing to watch and understand their lives a little.  

When the video ends you will be able to see the other parts ready to be played.

Amazing, moving & eye opening.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Winter is here

...and we are wrapping up in coats and scarves for the first time in a whole year.  It's really not that cold but after living somewhere warm for some time I have found that I have acclimatised and that suddenly 16 degrees during the day can feel quite nippy!  I sound like a light weight.  I know.  Last February in the UK it was -10, now that is just ridiculous and it hurt to breathe if you were out for long.  So, we have been togging up with F & I in wellies, scarves, hats, layers and a gillet.  They look super cute.  The change in weather and season has facilitated some lovely walks in the National Parks and around the coastline.  It's refreshing and I personally find it too hot to do for 3 months of the year here so we are making the most of it.

So today we headed down to Cape Solander which is within the Botany Bay National Park where Cook first landed on his arrival in Australia in 1770.  We made the trip as we had read that the Cape is a good place to see some great waves and Mother Nature doing what she does best.  Having done some research since we got home it would seem this locations is a little controversial.  Who knew.....

We popped into the information office and found out that this cliff top position also lends itself to whale watching and we are right in the season to see these beautiful animals cruise on past.  We got out and wrapped up as the wind literally whipped across and around us, there were rain clouds out at sea being blown towards us and the seas were rough and unforgiving.  We were only there for 5 minutes when the National Park whale researcher pointed out where a whale was in the ocean.  Unfortunately all we could see was when the whale came to the surface and blew out for more air sending water shooting up into the air.  But still, not too shabby considering we were stood on coastline and we hadn't had to venture out on a boat.  Exciting and amazing stuff.  :)

We moved away from the wind by moving around and into Botany Bay and then spent a couple of hours in the NP taking a walk around and enjoying the wildlife.  F & I managed a 1.1km walk with no whining or carrying required so a big thumbs up from us - Andy and I did the walk holding hands for the 1st time in what seemed ages.  You see normally there is a pushchair/bags/little person needing help....etc...etc and now finally we are moving into the stage where we can all just be......smile.

 They played under this tree for quite a while, it was a little like a weeping willow and a great place to play at 'dens'.  Of course sticks were also required as they are on any walk we do!

 Their trademark photo pose.

 Just the two of us, building castles in the sky....

 They partook in a little tree climbing on this fabulous peeling paper tree.

 Little Miss Coy

 A years membership to Taronga Zoo has been well used by us this year, I took them both on my own on Tuesday which is a great time to visit any attractions like this as it is so quiet!  They were so good and an absolute pleasure and I was so proud as they did exactly what I asked of them and held the buggy when asked etc... We started off with the seal display, quickly followed by the gorilla enrichment and talk and then on to our favourite the bird display.  The birds are so amazing to watch and by far my favourite part of the whole zoo - I think it's F & I's too as they always ask to go and watch it.  It was a gorgeous but fresh day and we finished it off by catching the cable car back up the hill.  What a great idea that is!

Here is evidence of my recent success in wooing Lorikeets into our garden.  I am so very chuffed and F & I love them!  In the end it was oranges cut in half that they really loved and it's these that they come back for!  Now they know where to go they come back often and they are surprisingly tame.  You can just see the slide in the right hand corner of the picture which leads up to the treehouse.  F & I can be sat in there and the lorikeets will come to the table and feed so we all get an amazingly close view.  Awesome!